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New York Cannabis Retail Association stores and uses this data to help better serve its existing members and new members entering the association.

It is our top priority to make sure everyone in our association is treated like family. Being apart of this association means to share, collaborate and help those in need of building, expanding, or starting a cannabis business. We share resources like farms that we have relationships with, processing facilities, lawyers, advocacy groups and much more. This association shouldn’t be recommended to others to join unless they are in one of the licensing tiers. The Association will be apart of defining the future of New York State cannabis by investing in our members through educational pathways and ensuring access to resources in order to create a sustainable, equitable and inclusive cannabis industry. There will be thousands of cannabis businesses in the state of NY and this association is meant for our survival in such a high competitive market.
Collaboration over Competition!

This form is NOT a contract, how ever we are expecting you to acknowledge we can include you as a registered member. Our organization is a Non For-profit, with the purpose of seeking grants to help our members be sustainable.

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